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At Augusta land surveying, we take pride in being the only company in Augusta, GA that provides years of experience, which we believe is unmatched by the competition. Having served residential and commercial customers, we have developed a reputation for being a reliable Land surveyors augusta ga consulting resource for the clients. Regardless of the project’s size, scope, or budget, we will provide the proper Augusta land surveying practices to ensure the job gets done correctly the first time, every time.


Various professionals work together with us to ensure projects are completed safely and accurately:

The success of your project is paramount to the success of our company. Our professional team of land surveyors is insured under our company’s insurance policy to give you peace of mind.

The Land Surveyors at Augusta Land Surveyors conduct extensive consultations to ensure that construction plans are precise.

In addition to having decades of experience in the land Surveying field, our team of professionals has worked with government agencies, property developers, and commercial businesses to complete thousands of projects.

Our Land surveyors augusta ga professionals are an experienced team of professionals with a wide variety of knowledge in land surveying.


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About Us

Land Surveyors Augusta GA is the leading company in land surveying. We do every job as if it is our only job. We have one goal – to provide you with excellent service!

Professional Land surveyors augusta ga

Georgia land surveying consists of figuring out relative positions above, on, or under the earth’s surface and inferring such functions from technical or legal documents. The Land Surveyors Augusta GA might also be considered “professional measurers.” However, the Land Surveyors Augusta GA are also engaged in both the mathematical and physical aspects of measuring and evaluating the legal aspects of boundaries. Land Surveyors use physical measurements and mathematical calculations in a new way due to modern technology. With the development of modern instruments, the land is measured more accurately and with less physical labor. As computer technologies have advanced, speed and accuracy have increased.

Professional land surveyors are people who have obtained a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree, have held related experience for at least five years, and have fulfilled the requirements for registration of their state. A professional surveyor should be consulted when land needs to be surveyed. Surveyors from our company offer surveys to the public as a leading provider of civil engineering and surveying services. We complete both residential and commercial requests expertly at Augusta Land Surveyors.

We are a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing services in Augusta, GA. In addition, our Augusta land surveying company is located in a strategic location to provide local planning, surveying, engineering, and construction phase services.

Recruitment and retention of well-qualified professionals are of utmost importance to us. For more information, please get in touch with our Augusta office. Whenever you need us, we are here for you. Whether you’re looking for accurate land surveys, land-use planning, or zoning strategies, Augusta Land Surveyors is committed to being your go-to partner for detailed land surveys.

Your one-stop shop for all your Augusta Land Surveying needs!

Topographic surveys capture both natural and artificial land structures by capturing details about a plot. A land surveyor conducts this type and provides a report detailing existing systems such as trees, roads, and walls. When determining easements and boundaries, such a survey is helpful.

An American Land Title Association survey is performed before the transaction to confirm that no land-related issues affect the closing of a real estate sale. An experienced surveyor best supervises this type of survey to ensure adherence to ALTA’s rules.

Buildings and other features on the surface of the land can cause land boundaries to blur over time. Therefore, to make future developments possible, the land surveyors must assess limitations. Using modern technology, land surveyors perform this function precisely.

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Why Hire a Land Surveyor?

It is necessary to ensure title documents, land area maps, and public records by employing a surveyor, Augusta ga. In addition to their work in the office, land surveyors also serve attorneys, construction companies, prospective buyers, and anyone interested in acquiring land. An accurate map of the land leads to more informed decisions and fewer errors; this is why hiring a land surveyor makes sense. Furthermore, by strictly adhering to laws and regulations, land surveyors play an essential role.

Augusta Land Surveyors conduct land surveys with the assistance of property owners, construction companies, developers, government agencies, and others to assess the land for future development. Augusta Land Surveyors is reputable and fully licensed, with years of experience in professional land surveying.

Registered Professional Land Surveyor Near You!
What is the difference? Licensed? Registered? or Professional Surveyor?

Land Surveyors are referred to differently in different parts of the country. However, there are several terms which can be summarized as follows: RLS (Registered Land Surveyor), LS (Land Surveyor), P.S. As a PLS (Professional Land Surveyor), or a PS (Professional Surveyor). A Land Surveyor is technically “registered” by the State Board of Registration once they obtain a license.


What is the process of obtaining a license to practice land surveying?

Every U.S. state and territory requires a Professional Land Surveyor license. In addition, several states now require four years of experience working under the direct supervision of an enrolled surveyor in addition to a degree in Land Surveying and Mapping or related sciences.

The laws of the state of licensure usually require licensed land surveyors to possess education and experience and pass examinations. The NCEES provides technical assistance to state licensing boards responsible for granting land surveyor licenses.

There is a national board that examines engineers and surveyors known as the National Council for Engineering Examiners. Specifically, it is a body established to assist the licensing boards established in every state and territory of the United States. The responsibilities of the NCEES are primarily concerned with preparing and scoring licensing exams administered by the license boards for the professions of engineering and surveying.

It may become necessary for the local surveyor to appear as an expert witness in your case on your behalf if they are required to do so. An individual who possesses a land surveyor license can ensure the precision and accuracy of the boundary determination, which a licensed person can only accomplish. In addition, it is not uncommon for the Land Surveyor to act as a client’s representative at planning commissions or at other public hearings where local government approval is needed.

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Engineering surveys and services from professionals

Our engineering survey services in Augusta GA include land surveying and engineering surveys. That means we study and identify the location of buildings, roads, and dwellings with the precision and the science of surveying. Also, we have topographic land surveyors that can help you determine the topography and grade of a roadway and the depth of the foundation if you need to construct a building. Furthermore, we also have a team of geodetic engineers on the premises allowing us to offer various surveying services. Our team is comprehensive and, therefore, can fulfill all of your land surveying needs.

Surveyors and engineers work together to create an “as-built” site survey for a construction project to establish the controlling elements of the construction project.

All elements from the land, geophysical, and hydrographic surveys are included in the engineering design survey. Getting your construction project off the ground smoothly and efficiently is our goal as Augusta GA local surveyors.

Land surveying: its significance

Surveying, as explained, can be defined as the process of taking measurements of large pieces of land. You may have seen some local surveyors in town – those who have fancy-looking tools on tripods. 

A land survey is often the first step in a civil engineering or construction project because you need to identify the property boundaries you will work on before you begin any construction project. In addition, Surveying is necessary to find out the location of existing structures, infrastructure, slopes, and topographies and the area of the building and infrastructure.

Building giant structures have always been a part of human history, as you have observed. Having a survey done is necessary to draft the building structure since the topography and condition of the land where you are working on the project are among the things to consider. Performing a property survey before starting any assignment will ensure that the projects run smoothly. 

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Picture of two land survey equipment on tripods by the road at Augusta, GA

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From land subdivision, design, and planning to construction completion, survey companies in Augusta, GA, play an important role in land development. Whenever there is a construction project involving land, your local surveyors calculate and design the layout. Once these measurements have been taken, the architects can create a plan based on those measurements. After that, the engineers would plan the structure, ensuring compliance with the safety codes for buildings and similar regulations.

Now that you already know what Augusta Land Surveyors offer, you may contact us anytime you need us!