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As one of the leading ALTA land survey companies in Augusta, Georgia, you can rely on us to provide accurate and professional ALTA land surveying services.


Reliable ALTA Georgia Land Surveyor Services

The crew of land surveyors at Augusta Land Surveyors are among the most experienced in the industry, equipped with the latest technology, ensuring we deliver the expertise required for any survey project. At our firm, we guarantee excellent service at a reasonable price and a superior customer experience.

The surveyors included on ALTA Land Survey are all committed to professionally dealing with clients. Surveyors from our company take the time to learn your requirements and goals for the project and work to achieve them. Our team has the answers to your questions about the work process. Count on Augusta Land Surveyors for expert assistance. If you call us, we will listen carefully to any questions you have and do our very best to answer them. In addition, you can expect us to work with you to develop the scope of work and arrange the survey details specific to your project.

Most people find it challenging to get good survey work completed within a reasonable budget for their Alta Georgia Survey. We will use our expert knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service and save you time and money on your following ALTA survey in Augusta, GA. Our goal is to save you money without compromising the quality of our work. Getting the correct type of survey impacts the quality of your results, and we make sure that our surveys will remain relevant over time. Having conducted ALTA surveys for many years, we have a thorough knowledge of the process. Our surveyors are regularly informed of all changes to the state of Georgia’s rules and policies. Our clients save time and money through this process. It helps to avoid retries and hassles. You make an excellent economic decision by choosing our surveyors. 

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Picture of two Augusta Land Surveyor crew, conducting a alta land survey at Augusta GA.

What is an Augusta GA ALTA survey?

As provided in the “Minimum Standard Detail Requirements and Accuracy Standards for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys” issued by ALTA, Land Title surveys must follow the essential requirements outlined in that document.” ALTA’s survey standards documents were developed by a combination of representatives from the land title industry and surveying industry who get together regularly and revise them accordingly. As a result, a survey conducted according to state standards is usually less expensive than one done by ALTA since ALTA requires more effort and time. 

If you have been considering buying or developing a parcel of land outside your state, you should also probably go through this process. Almost all banks require this documentation when you apply for financing on this type of property. However, we recommend that you provide this even if this is not a requirement from the bank.

Why is an ALTA Survey Important?

Compared with a boundary survey, an ALTA survey may be more expensive. It is due to the significance of the study that is being conducted. The ALTA surveys are in-depth surveys that can give you more detailed information about an individual property and be more intensive than typical surveys. Surveys from the ALTA will not only provide you with information about the boundaries of the property, but they will also give you data about any easements and improvements that the property may have, such as trails, rights of way, roads, fences, and other significant improvements. As far as easements and revisions are concerned, it is vital to record them because their presence can directly affect the ownership rights of the property and may even be required during an inspection for possible adverse claims.

Additionally, lenders require ALTA surveys. The survey plays a vital role in protecting investors and their interests against unidentified or unnoticed claims that may affect the title. Further, it will increase the confidence of the lending institution and purchaser in assessing the risks associated with acquiring a property based on the ALTA report.

Picture of land surveyor tools on a bridge during an Alta Land survey in Augusta GA
Picture of an alta land survey draft, alongside with a calculator and glasses, picture taken at Augusta GA

For your Alta land surveys, Choose Augusta Land Surveyors!

When hiring a local surveyor in Augusta, you must check their credentials and investigate their background. Here at Augusta Land Surveyors, we are among the very best in town. Land surveying is part of our professional service offering, as we are ALTA-certified professionals. ALTA land surveys should follow ALTA standards, despite complying with state laws at every single location. Lenders and title insurers require ALTA surveys when purchasing, developing, or refinancing commercial properties. It is for this reason ALTA surveys must be of the highest quality at all times. Thus, it is vital to enlist people who are capable of handling such a crucial task. When selecting land surveyors you will commission, it’s critical to determine how experienced they are in the field and their expertise in land surveying.