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Augusta Land Surveyors is a land surveying company that provides various services, one of which is boundary surveys, one of the most important ones. A boundary survey is intended to determine the exact location of corners and/or to determine the precise boundary limits of a piece of property and to identify the corners on that property accurately. A final diagram is produced by measuring bearings and distances to the nearest hundredth. To determine these boundaries, we must follow a highly complex process. Our typical survey procedure for a boundary survey is outlined below for you. – This is a typical survey procedure that we carry out at Augusta Land Surveyors.

To determine the boundaries of a parcel of land, the first thing that land surveyors Augusta GA must do is research. Even though we research many different areas, the public records stored at the clerk’s office of the county’s superior court are the most common area we explore. As part of our decision-making process, we will also obtain any right-of-way plans for any adjacent roads by requesting them from the Department of Transportation. Our crew will also interview the property owner and the adjacent owners for any information they may have, such as deeds, unrecorded plats, or parole proof, which will help us reach our conclusion about where the boundary lies. In addition to receiving information from the title inspection report on the subject property, we also rely on this source. 


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Picture of surveyors doing a boundary survey project.


We’ll visit the site with our equipment once the research is complete. We’ll log the location of all field evidence and take accurate measurements after we’ve done so. There are monuments on every property corner, and we will be as diligent as possible searching for them. The monuments that appear in our research and those not referred to in our study will be closely examined. In most cases, “monuments” refer to iron pins, granite, concrete, statues, trees, and/or stones. We’ll also locate improvements near property lines to determine whether encroachment has occurred. Following the completion of our survey, we will mark all property corners with a stake and flag the corners visible.


We must conclude our Augusta Georgia Boundary Survey by analyzing our field data and comparing it with the research we’ve conducted. During this study, the results of calculated and measured distances are analyzed and compared to the research to determine the location of all boundary lines. It is expected that a drawing of the subject property’s boundaries will be prepared and delivered to the client, detailing every appurtenant detail. During the consultation, if necessary, we’ll discuss the client’s concerns in detail and come up with possible courses of action for resolving the problem.


When is Boundary Surveys required?

When purchasing, subdividing, buying, or constructing a property, it is highly recommended to conduct a boundary survey. An accurate survey of a property boundary would steer away the frustration and expenses involved in fighting a lawsuit on a boundary dispute, relocating a building, and all other things that could arise in the future.

Your real estate transactions can be made much safer if you have determined where your legal property lines are located. There is a reasonable probability that most lenders and title companies will approve these since a safer transaction would be their priority.

Augusta, Georgia, Augusta Land Surveyors’ team uses high-tech survey equipment, such as total electronic stations, GPS technology, and robotic instruments to conduct property line surveys. 

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Augusta, GA Land Survey Property Line Services

Knowing your property’s legal boundaries is a must for any property owner. What is the reason? Because conflicts will arise if your property’s boundaries are unclear. That is the reason we, as a land surveyor firm, are here to help you avoid any issues regarding your property lines, regardless of whether it is a commercial property, a residential, or any other kind of property. In the event of a boundary conflict, the first person landowners would turn to resolve the issue would be a land surveyor. In terms of professional land surveyors, your property boundary is the position of the property’s legal boundaries.

In conducting a Georgia Boundary survey, you should hire people who are knowledgeable about the field. In some cases, poorly designed surveys might cause serious legal consequences. As a result, people must complete this procedure with the utmost care. In the following phases of land surveying, our expert boundary line surveyors will record the site and descriptions, such as buildings and improvements, along with a border report. Call Augusta Land Surveyors now!