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Construction Staking Services Augusta, GA

Before working out the logistics of a construction project, the builders need to map out the dimensions and features of the construction plans affecting the project. It is called construction staking, and Augusta Land Surveyors has years of experience making sure builders’ constructions go smoothly. To ensure horizontal and vertical accuracy, construction staking is required to implement the plan on the ground. Construction and clearing limits are established on-site, following a process of establishing control points. A surveyor will then set flagging and stakes to guide contractors in mass grading and installing pipes and structures for storm and sanitary sewers. Finally, an architectural plan is laid out very precisely to ensure that contractors can build walls and other interior details correctly.

 The final grading process must include the staking of curbs and gutters so that the site can drain appropriately after completion. The contractors need the staking services to have all the information they need to understand the project’s design and construct it correctly. By providing clear and accurate construction staking services, we ensure the project follows the plan.


Despite the best-laid plans and blueprints, construction can be hampered if they are not implemented correctly or if unforeseen issues occur at the construction site. The construction staking process lets builders see where all of the elements included in their plans are located and their dimensions. To stay on schedule and avoid costly errors, we must translate these plans to actual, physical dimensions. The level of detail and accuracy needed for staking a construction site can only be provided by a project surveyor.

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Picture of a worker setting up a stake in a construction site, picture taken at Augusta GA


Stakes are placed on the ground where contractors will install proposed features during construction staking. Construction plans will be provided by Augusta Land Surveyors, preferably in a physical and digital format. We’ll use these plans to put out stakes on the construction site, designating the location and proportions of all features on the blueprints. site survey in construction may include any of the following: 

  • Laying out the measurements and corners of each building with stakes
  • Laying out the position of pipes and infrastructure with pipe stakes
  • Stakes in the ground, indicating elevations for storm/drainage flow.
  • Concrete features such as driveways and sidewalks are laid out in a specific way.
  • Curb stakes are used when laying concrete for curbs.

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Licensed Land surveyors in Augusta, Georgia

We are a firm of licensed professional land surveyors who can verify whether or not certain additions or utilities added to a project have been permitted and adhere to the engineering drawings. It will provide additional confidence that the building has been constructed following the design standards established by the appropriate state or local body.

 Construction or site plan staking is provided by Augusta Lands Surveyors’ licensed local surveyors. Construction staking can be used for various projects, including residential home buildings, commercial properties, dumps, road and freeway construction, institutions, and any other construction site.

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You are likely looking for qualified land surveyors in Augusta, Georgia; you have already found the top company in that case. We are one of the leading land surveying companies in Georgia. One of the many services we offer is construction surveys. We understand just how crucial a site layout survey in Augusta, GA is, and we want to help you turn your ideas into a reality and work with you to ensure that you meet the quality standards you need.

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Picture of a worker marking a construction stake during a construction staking project, picture taken at Augusta GA
Picture of stakes that has been set up in a construction area in Augusta GA

Augusta, GA Construction Site Surveyor

We have a fantastic construction site surveyor who can assist you in turning your designs into reality! This endeavor, however, necessitates the use of considerable skills. Nevertheless, we are convinced that we will give you great service with the help of our skilled land surveyors. A land surveyor should comprehend and understand data and think logically and laterally to turn development plan plans into reality, especially if doing a site survey in construction. All of these qualities, and perhaps an eye for detail, analysis, and outstanding problem-solving skills, are required of a land surveyor so that you can be comfortable in the conclusion of their work.

 Our field crew conducts our site layout survey with cutting-edge technology, resulting in more efficient, speedy, accurate, and productive outcomes. We are one of the most experienced surveyors in Augusta, Georgia.