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Augusta Land Surveyors employ GPS technology. Would you like to learn more
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Augusta Land Surveyors’ specialists have been entrenched in GPS Land survey services for a few years now. It allowed us to work with a variety of technological advancements. We were also able to see how these strategies evolved. To learn more, you may need to hire a land surveyor in Augusta, Georgia.

A GPS unit transmits geolocation and timing data to a GPS receiver anywhere on or around the globe. It was created for military usage, but it has expanded its scope to include business and research.

In Augusta land surveying, there are several advantages to using GPS.

Many extensive apps are available at this time for usage in the survey. The survey industry, on the other hand, is beneficial and essential.

Surveying jobs that must be completed fast and accurately necessitate accuracy in the data we provide. While traditional surveying equipment can help us get this data more quickly, GPS can help us collect it more quickly.

Global Positioning Systems are rapidly improving. A work that formerly took a team of surveyors weeks to complete may now be accomplished in a matter of days, thanks to advances in technology.


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Picture of a GPS survey tool at the side of a road in Augusta GA

What do our land survey GPS specialists do?

Our company has acquired a thorough knowledge of standard survey techniques since its inception. In general, Land surveyors only utilized all of these methods if the property was being surveyed to human sight. However, this has now become a thing of the past, as GPS no longer requires us to do this.

As a result, we have improved the turnaround and rate of our customers by utilizing a certain percentage of labor and equipment. In addition, there are now fewer surveyors necessary to complete all of the tasks in one day that previously would have taken the entire team of surveyors one full day to accomplish.

Inclement weather, such as snow, rain, or extreme heat or cold, has little effect on GPS surveys. Similarly, it works in any weather condition, no matter where you are. However, the same cannot be stated for the traditional GA Land Surveying, which is heavily influenced by constraints such as site visibility between study locations.


Almost all land surveyors use a similar approach to GPS surveys to the vast majority of other GPS applications. Although, compared with the basic GPS available to ordinary people, such as those found on our smartphones, experts have at their disposal a considerable advantage with the technology they use. The main differences lie in how they use technology as well as how they use it.

 GPS-based surveying equipment enables land surveyors to improve the quality of their data collection. However, these surveying devices are more expensive and complicated to use than the devices found in many automobile navigation systems, smartphones, or any other devices that you may own. The new technology also includes antennae use that is of higher quality and a more complex co-processing system.

 It’s crucial to understand that the data produced by your Augusta local surveyors using GPS equipment is not the same as the data collected using navigation devices. Instead of being used for navigation, the data is used to measure two points. It is accomplished by employing information systems designed to store, present, and manipulate data in survey results.

 Though the basics of GPS are easy to comprehend, such as navigation and features of a landscape, most people do not know about GPS surveys, requiring more detailed measurements.

Picture of a gps equipment while surveying in the woods, Picture taken at Augusta GA
Picture of a GPS survey gadget in a middle of a field in Augusta GA

GPS Land Survey Service Specialist Augusta, Georgia

You can conduct a survey more efficiently, quickly, and precisely with GPS than with any other method. Augusta Land Surveyors’ registered professional land surveyors are well-versed and experienced in gathering GPS measurements and mapping measurements utilizing cutting-edge technology. Augusta Land Surveyors is continually investing in new GPS survey equipment developments. Real-Time Kinematic surveying, or RTK, is a favored approach for doing topographic and as-built surveys, designing site layouts, locating wetland regions, and conducting hydrographic surveys, among other GPS survey operations. At our land surveying firm in Augusta, GA, we also use DRP or Differential Rapid Static GPS. As a result, we can perform surveys in less time and fewer people, lowering project expenses.

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When compared to the early days of surveying technology, surveying has evolved dramatically. Observing, measuring, and calculating for surveys used to take a long time, but now, thanks to the invention of GPS technology, it just takes a few days or less.

The surveying sector was one of the first to gain access to and enjoy the fantastic results of GPS technology. After that, we humans have continued to reap the benefits of GPS technology. Professional surveyors are increasingly relying on GPS to provide precise and dependable data for their customers. However, despite the widespread use of GPS technology, few individuals are aware of its purpose. Augusta Land Surveyors is here to assist you in learning more about GPS surveys.