Hydrographic Surveys

Augusta Land Surveyors provides a comprehensive hydrographic survey
service to clients in the Augusta, GA area, whether they are commercial firms or
government bodies. Our firm employs advanced multi-beam sounding and
positioning technology, which is, of course, operated by surveyors with
extensive experience in hydrographic surveys.

Comprehensive Hydrographic Survey Contractors In Augusta, GA

Augusta Land Surveyors provides complete hydrographic surveying services. As a full-service hydrographic survey firm, we have top-notch digital equipment.

 Augusta Land Surveyors’ effective delivery of exemplary service promptly is due to our unique method of handpicking essential employees who have the expertise, education, and professionalism required to genuinely make them leaders in their respective industries.

 Augusta Land Surveyors is proud of its highly qualified and diverse workforce, making them highly sought-after hydrographic surveyors. In addition to our fully skilled and experienced professionals, we also provide cadastral services, geodetic surveys, and other surveying services. For many years, we have maintained a low cost of labor and a low expense ratio because of our firm’s concept of strictly exploiting the newest technical breakthroughs and paying attention to every detail. In addition, Augusta Land Surveyors’ capacity to collect digital data and have in-house GPS capabilities allows them to do surveys with less staff and fewer person-hours.

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Picture of a backhoe in a lake while a hydrographic survey is ongoing at Augusta GA

Top-rated Hydrographic Survey Company in Augusta, Georgia

Our hydrographic survey firm employs the best-certified hydrographers who use the most cutting-edge hydrographic engineering techniques. The bathymetric survey section of our land surveyors in Augusta, GA, collaborates with other engineers and owners to collect critical data for analyzing and modeling conditions surrounding water constructions such as seawalls and bridges. They’re employing Real-Time Kinematic GPS for precise positioning, Ancillary sensors to account for the vessel’s movements, and Multi-beam echo-sounders to determine depth. Our team can gather vital and exact data to construct models of a location’s underwater topography. The volumetric quantities of scours holes, voids, and sediment build-up are calculated with high precision using the models built from the obtained data. Digital photographs, 3D models, and georeferenced data sets are among the data deliverables that can aid clients in visualizing the state of the topography underwater.

Augusta, Georgia's Underwater Survey Experts

Our company would like to offer our skilled and experienced hydrographic surveying services to clients in the Augusta, Georgia area who are searching for a local hydrographic survey company. Because there are many different types of hydrographic surveys, we will discuss them all in this section of the page to help you determine which ones you will need.

Hydrographic Surveys: Meaning and Importance

The fact that the globe is 70% covered by bodies of water is one of the reasons why the hydrographic survey is so important. That is why Augusta Land Surveyors is here to help individuals who require underwater surveying services. When building structures over or below, such as bridges, it is critical to assess the topography of the seabed. To do so, you’ll need to undertake a hydrographic survey, also known as an underwater survey. One of the hydrographic survey businesses you might contact is Augusta Land Surveyors.

 Now that you understand what an underwater survey by a hydrographic surveyor entails. You currently have the option of using our services or not using them. Augusta Land Surveyors, as one of Augusta’s hydrographic survey businesses, is ready to assist you. You can always call us if you have any questions or want more information about our services.

Picture of a lake with a building in the background subject to hydrographic survey, Picture taken at Augusta GA
Picture of a bathymetry survey site in Augusta GA

Types of Hydrographic Surveys

In the category of underwater or hydrographic surveys, there are five different types of surveys. We will focus on the most common types of these surveys, even though there are many subtypes of these surveys.

Exploring the depth of the water, identifying coastlines, constructing bathymetric plots, and finding median sea levels are just a few of the procedures required in this survey. Hydrographic surveys are most typically employed to assess aquatic depths, but they can also be used in other fields like geology.

A survey like this one is carried out to determine if an inland waterway has any defects that could prevent it from being used as a shipping route in the future. Productivity and trade growth are two significant outcomes of such an approach. To calculate the width of a channel, numerous factors must be considered.

This survey will help establish the best site for harbor and port infrastructure. National government agencies frequently award commissions. The best potential position must be evaluated and examined during this procedure without placing any draft restrictions on ships. Some bays or lagoons, for example, may be surrounded by corals, preventing vessels from reaching the mainland. It’s also crucial to ensure that any undersea support that may have led to the pier’s construction is sound. The foundation may wobble over time due to a rocky bottom made up of loose mud or silt, needing dredging.

It is performed to study a country’s coastline, and it involves documenting flora and fauna, and other natural resources near it. It is the determination of the EEZ or the exclusive economic zone of a country.

It’s done to figure out where the wreckage is and study it.